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Feb. 3rd, 2007

Chapter 3 of my story which is already up on ficwad.com

"No.Way. In. Hell." Sakuya ground out stiffly.

"C'mon, please. It's just an airplane ride." Jay pleaded.

The two were standing just outside the airport terminal.

"It's perfectly safe." Phil said coming up behind them.

"Fuck you, of course you say it's safe, your not the one who has to ride in that piece of crap!" Sakuya growled pointing at their plane.

Of course Sakuya knew she was over-reacting, but she wasn't about to admit it. Because you see Sakuya has one little problem, that's right, she's afraid of heights.

It had taken them some time to convince Sakuya to come along and she was adamant on not going but of course she had to make the mistake of looking Jay in the eyes, those damn eyes, that sparkled with unshed tears, lower lip trembling as a soft wimpering 'please' was emitted from her. Needless to say her famous 'Puppy eyes of DOOM', as Sakuya liked to call it, won in the end.

They were now on board the plane resting peacefully in their seats, well, Jay was anyways. Sakuya was nervously shifting in her seat and bouncing her knee, alternating between looking out the window and fidgeting with her laptop.

Sakuya groaned. 'How do I get myself into these situations?' She looked to her side where Jay was holding her hand and snuggling against her side. 'Oh yeah.' Sakuya thought with a slightly goofy grin, and with that she began to relax somewhat.

She looked at Jay and lent down to kiss her when she was rudely interupted by a whack in the back of the head. Jay blinked and Sakuya whirled in her seat to stare at Phil who was sitting behind them and had a rolled up newspaper in his hand.

"Now, now, save that for later." He grinned waving the newspaper. Sakuya glared at him and Jay couldn't help but giggle at her step-brother's antics.

Sakuya pouted and turned away from Phil to sit properly in her seat, Jay, feeling slightly guilty for laughing at her, reached over and pulled her into a kiss. When they pulled away Sakuya smirked at Phil who rolled his eyes in response.


"I know your doing your big brother thing trying to protect me, and I respect that, but there is no way in the seven hells that we are sharing a room with you!"

They were in the hotel lobby checking in when Phil had the bright idea for them to all share a room.

"Fine, fine, it was just a suggestion! No need to be so hostile." Phil said raising his hands defensively. "Though I am wondering why you two want to be alone so badly, have something planned, hmm?" The last part was said with a smirk.

Jay blushed and Sakuya chuckled.

Jay huffed in annoyance at the two of them and started up the stairs to her room, Sakuya and Phil close behind.

"Ah, here we are room 201." Phil said cheerfully. "And look, your room is right beside mine, what a coincidence."

"Coincidence my ass.." Sakuya muttered.

"We'll meet up for sightseeing in half an hour."

Phil went into his room and Jay used their key-card to get into theirs. Once inside Sakuya went over and immediately flopped onto the bed and tried to take a nap.

"And what do you think your doing?" Jay said, hands on her hips.


"But there's so many things to see here in New York, c'mon, let's go!" Jay whined.


Jay frowned and went to her side and gave her a push so she would fall off of the bed.

"Oww, hey! What was that for?" Sakuya complained.

"Sakuya if there is one thing I've learned about you it's that sometimes you just need some tough love." Jay said helping Sakuya to her feet.

Sakuya stood with Jay's help then when she was on her feet grabbed Jay picking her up and layed her on the bed, crawling on top of her.

Jay blushed, Sakuya smirked.

"I prefer tender loving." She growled softly.

"But what about sightsee- ah.." Jay trailed off as Sakuya began to kiss her neck.

'Oh, to hell with sightseeing' She thought.
Phil was sitting in the hotel lobby eating a muffin when Sakuya and Jay came down the stairs

"Well it's about time." Phil huffed. "What was so important that you had me waiting all this time?!"

Jay and Sakuya grinned at each other.

Phil looked at the two closely. "On second thought, I don't think I want to know."
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Nov. 11th, 2006

Your Expression Number is 8

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Sep. 10th, 2006

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Sep. 2nd, 2006

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